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May 2012 trip to Mission Lazarus in Honduras

John moving gravel

While there, we helped construct a house for one large extended family. A dump truck brought a load of gravel and dumped it near the road. Then we, the family, and other helpers moved it down the hill in buckets, wheelbarrows, etc. And then, when we had the whole pile moved, the dump truck came back with the next load of gravel.

These are all hi-def videos. You can click the button that appears in the lower right corner of the screen to see them full size.

And our little helpers.

We also had help moving the gravel. We didn't have room to get the wheelbarrow inside because of the other workers, so we had to move it the last part of the distance using buckets and shovels. So this little girl decided that Will needed some help.

And then she decided to help us by picking up the gravel we dropped and putting it back into the wheelbarrow.

And then some of her friends decided to introduce themselves and help as well.

Pick em up and put em down.

We had a lot of help inside as well. The kids were all anxious to help. We had to move the stack of blocks from one side of the house to the other so we could work on the floor, and immediately there was a group of boys grabbing and moving them.

And one last video of our little helper. homepage
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